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  • Pricing starts from $55 for a lockout and depends upon the type of job.
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My name is Assan and I am the business owner of Majestic Locksmith. It’s a family-owned business that was started by me almost one year ago after gaining knowledge and expertise from the market by working in multiple companies as a locksmith for 8 years. My expertise includes but is not limited to automotive locks, residential locks, commercial locks, mailbox locks, and access control systems.

Pricing starts from $55 for a lockout and depends upon the type of job.

Our services extend from Commercial to Residential Locksmith services them ranging from rekeying the locks at your home to getting your safe at work completely thief-proof. We’ve done it all, so rest assured that there is nothing we at Majestic Locksmith can’t handle with our services in Seattle and Tacoma Area.

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Mobile Locksmith

Kent Washington

The issue with most locksmith services is that there is no time management. The crew arrives late, are very unprofessional with no regard for respect and timings even If they’re mobile and at times the crew doesn’t have the necessary tools to complete the job they were hired to do.

Which is infuriating to say the least. 

We made it a necessity that we would not be wasting the client’s time at any part of the services in Kent, WA. We arrive on time with our experienced professionals carrying all tools that are necessary to complete any job that’s asked of us. Our Mobile Locksmith services are fast and readily available.

Automotive Locksmith

Kent, WA

Our Kent, WA Car Key replacement, FOB replacement and Ignition Repair Services are fairly priced with free estimates to go along with the 10% discount we provide. 

If you need our automotive Locksmith services, there is a chance that you’re probably stuck somewhere around Kent, WA with no idea where your car keys are. It can be really stressful when you’re stuck in that situation where you can’t drive home and aren’t aware of what to fix. We specialize in getting your car back on the road and you on your way in no time throughout Kent, WA.

We understand that these moments can be those of emergency when it comes to Locksmith services. You’re probably in a hurry or are unable to afford the high prices most other Locksmith Services in Kent, WA provide. This is where we come in.

We promise outstanding warranty and lowest prices imaginable in the entirety of Kent, WA.

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Commercial & Residential

Locksmith Kent, WA

When it comes to Commercial & Residential Locksmith services in Kent, WA we at Majestic Locksmith believe that we have the experience as well as the qualified crew to help back up our belief. We’ve handled every job in the Kent, WA area with a warranty on quality and longevity.

Our Commercial Locksmith services extend to multiple jobs including Schools, Businesses, Warehouses and much more. Replacing School lockers locks, setting new keys for classrooms, new door handles for your business we’ve basically handled it all.

Residential Locksmiths take care of rekeys, installing new Garage Door locks and much more with an experienced crew that provides guarantee for long term results. We’ve worked for homes, condos and apartments setting up their sophisticated locks and the simple numbered ones as well.

So rest assured, there isn’t a lock we can’t handle.

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Discount Certification

Landlord & new tenant discount 10%

Senior, veteran & student discount 10%


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